5 educational talks with local kids in Dedoplitskaro

Kakheti Eco hub members along with SABUKO stuff, in particular with the educational officer visited Dedoplitskaro several times in order to hold outdoor activities while having a talk with school children. The concept and the idea of the meetings was to enhance pupils understanding through interaction with natural environment, which allows them to learn by doing and experiment with ideas. Outdoor activities foster children’s intellectual emotional and social development – thereby develop inquisitive minds. During the talk’s children were able to communicate with the Kakheti eco club participants and ask them different questions regarding different topics, especially the biodiversity of their region. Some of them have never been to the protected areas or reserve however, after the meeting developed an interest to visit and discover the nature of Kakheti. 5 schools have been visited in the direct vicinity of Dedoplisttskaro. The schools spread over the municipality have not been pre-visited. The meetings were arranged by phone calls. A presentation was given about raptors with particular focus on Imperial Eagle. Students were actively involved through the course of the presentation. The presentation was followed by outdoor games, simulating aspects of an eagles live.