Generating document on assessment of the Scale of Hunting of Birds Based on the Available Data and Reports Across Georgia with a Focus on Batumi Bottleneck

Unfortunately, illegal hunting continues to be a challenge for biodiversity conservation. Every autumn more than 1,000,000+ birds of prey migrate through the Batumi Bottleneck. SABUKO and other NGOs work on monitoring and conserve birds which migrate through the Batumi Bottleneck.

The document was prepared in order to have results of research and analysis of data and of issues. During the meetings as said previously, team members had to gather and get acquainted with various data as well as laws of Georgia regarding hunting. This document was written in order to reflect the findings: summary of the contents, introduction or background, methods, results, discussion, conclusion and/or recommendations. It has been updated several times and there is still a plan to insert several corrections and new data. However, the key factor never been changed, all of the team members as well as opinions of all stakeholders is the same – mutual cooperation of not only governmental institutions, but involvement of different parties to negotiate and firstly fill in the gap in legislations as well as development of mountainous part of the region Adjara.