Large scale meeting with policy makers and interested parties introducing results of studies and planning the future steps

In the beginning of September, SABUKO was invited on BIrd Festival in Adjara region, in Batumi to participate in different activities. Several Adjara Eco hub members took part in this festival and also helped SABUKO, while being in the region to hold a meeting regarding illegal hunting. Representatives of local non governmental, governmental and international organizations were invited to have a round table discussion as it is one of the most effective ways to create equal space and handy for internal communication. Sabuko and  other organizations shared the results of their research with other attendees. The participants at the meeting knew beforehand that the discussion will be focused on a specific topic which was agreed upon in advance so that everybody could prepare themselves and it was also important to establish how long the discussion would last due to people being from different institutions could allocate their time accordingly. Eco hub member had a chance to present their findings on illegal hunting issue while working on document of legislation gaps and assessment of the scale of hunting of bird in Batumi Bottleneck. The results of the round table meeting fell far from the expectations and stimulated non governmental organizations to plan the next meeting which is going to be held in Tbilisi with the state sub -agency department of environmental supervision.