Meeting with local Falconers

Falconry in Georgia is regarded as an old tradition and can be found in culture and folklore.  There is no law which regulates or controls all the specifics of captivating and training the birds. There were several meetings held with falconers before, however eco hub members had a chance to participate in the most important one where NGOs met with falconry association to work and collaborate and fight against illegal hunting as well as monitor falconers across the country. The most important outcomes of the meeting was jointly written recommendations which both sides would like to see in new law on Biodiversity before it comes to force. Eco hub members had the possibility to meet the eldest falconers of Georgia and have internal communication with them and ask all of the questions they had regarding the process of bird captivation. Despite many disagreements, falconers were very welcome to negotiate and cooperate regarding different issues caused by their colleagues who do not respect the unwritten laws of falconry.