Monitoring and survey of population of eastern imperial eagles in Kakheti Region

In November, unfortunately, another Imperial eagle, tagged by satellite transmitters, became a victim of power lines. This time the incident occurred in Azerbaijan, near Georgian border, where one of the Kakheti eco hub member and SABUKO stuff went to picture, check another side of our IBA, and take off the transmitter. The bird was tagged in July, 2017; therefore, it was on its second migration season. For the past three years, 11 out of 13 young Imperial Eagles tagged by SABUKO. Bird mortality in Georgia is associated with illegal killing, in particular with power infrastructure and poaching. The first is a bigger problem especially for the big sized raptors. Mortality at power lines rigorously contribute to population declines for some species, furthermore for the species, which are threatened with extinction or under endangered status. A key component for the future plans and project ideas of SABUKO would be a research of reliable rate estimates of the most dangerous power lines which was discussed on one of the meetings with the whole group of the Georgian participants of  YLWC. The result of the survey is: since 2016, tagged around 15 chicks of Imperial Eagle – 8 of them have been killed by Electrocution (countries: Georgia, Turkey, Israel, Azerbaijan) and 1 – by Poachers; 2 more died under unclear circumstances