Assessing the scale of hunting of birds based on the available data and reports across Georgia with a focus on Batumi Bottleneck

Presented documents aims to assess the scale of the hunting in Batumi Bottleneck and Identify recommendations.





Environmental Youth Education Tool

Presented documented aims to teach young conservation leaders different approaches and techniques of environmental education.

Document, helps learners to go deep in designing environmental education programmes, planning, relationship with stakholders and selecting the relevant tools.

To sum up, it is very important to use your knowledge in practice and learn from failures and success.





Bird Identification (in Georgian Language)





Hunting Legislation in Georgia (in Georgian Language)





Youth Wildlife Conservation Manual

Presented manual aims to increase the awareness of young conservationists about different topics and tools in nature conservation.
Here we are touching some of the most important terms and definitions, however, reader has to remember, that this manual is only beginning and each topic need to be explored in comprehensive manner.
We hope that we helped you in learning and better understanding of biodiversity conservation field.





Environmental games for environment education (in Georgian Language)




Project Booklet (in English)




Project Leaflet (in English)




Project Logo (in English)




Handbook for Teachers and Educators to teach the Birds (raptors in focus) (in Georgian)