Survey of local shepherds’ livelihoods to achieve a better understanding of their economic and social aspects

The study was prepared as part of strategy of Kakheti Eco-hub. The members of Kakheti Eco hub with the project managed and several SABUKO staff members went to Chachuna reserve and nearby territories to visit as many farmers as possible. The main goal was to study the sheep sector in Georgia, its structure and connections between different stakeholders in the value chain.

The presence of Kakheti Eco Hub members helped to set up a connection and open channels of communication due to having knowledge of ethnic minority culture and language, being native to the region or Kakheti and adaptability in unexpected circumstances. After the survey we analyzed the data and identified strengths and weaknesses and tried to set up recommendations for ensuring the sustainable development of the sector without compromising the ability to remain natural resource.

Study and farmers’ portfolios were elaborated as a result.