Survey pasture degradation

Within the Restoring Gallery Forest and Grasslands in the Iori River Valley, Georgia Project, SABUKO in Chachuna Managed Reserve carried out the study of pasture conditions. Several students from Ilia State University and Kakheti Eco Hub member took part in the study as well. With supervision of Marinus Gebhardt. On the field, we have collected flowering plants to place in stone pressed periodically replaced papers. During the field work, team actively observed the vegetation and randomly selected plots, identified with GPS, inclination and exposure, were evaluated by various criteria, i.e. plant and non-plant covered surface condition. They also studied the sheep movement system by monitoring from an elevated position with binoculars or cameras and recorded information obtained. Usually, they spent six hours per day for observation. The study results are used for campaigning rotational grazing schemes in Kakheti.