Teachers Training

Public schools of Dedoplistskaro Municipality have already Eco Clubs. The decision was to strengthen the already existing eco clubs by providing them with tools. A handbook was created with background information on raptors with a special focus on Eastern Imperial Eagle. In addition, it provides a selection of cross teaching ideas, which all have the intention to increase knowledge about raptors and Imperial Eagle as well as raise awareness and hopefully lead to change in behavior as well. A workshop for eco club teachers was organized to introduce the activities of the handbook and to have the teachers experience some of the activities. Kakheti eco hub members were helping to hold the training and help teachers as well as education officer of SABUKO. During registration for the teachers training in Dedoplistskaro, it appeared, that there is interest as well from teachers in Tbilisi. Therefore, a second training was organized here as well. Participants were not only from Tbilisi schools, but as well from Telavi, Gardabani Municipality and Dedoplistskaro. The feedback from teachers was generally positive. Most expressed interest for further cooperation. The trainings gave teachers the greatest chance of success as well as sustain veteran teachers as they meet new challenges in education.