Understanding the international practice of regulation of hunting and falconry

Due to the specifics and complexity of the topic of Illegal hunting, Adjara eco hub team members had to properly understand practices – including international ones – requires the internal point of view. To make analysis easier for the whole team, an analytic distinction was developed between two basic standpoints: internal and external practices. Team members made a research on hunting legislation in different countries in order to understand the effectiveness and implementation of the impact of laws and policies on the act of hunting. Several members of the team shared small reports of their fundings in a facebook group to have a discussion over the topic. As a result, it varied greatly. Different examples with different approaches: laws and policies which meet the interests of the hunting community or the ones which strongly influence both the success of wildlife conservation through sustainable use, however taking into account public opinions. Nevertheless, countries, where the legislation or economic development was poor, included reach biodiversity but fast trends of reduction of wildlife.